Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hair Weave

If you are new to hair weave, you may find this posting helpful.The hair being applied to the wearer's head can either be real hair grown and clipped from other people or it can be fabricated from synthetic materials. Weaved hair can be a pretty advanced procedure that can drastically transform the visual appearance of the wearer while still looking like it truly belongs to that person. Weave or "extensions" can be clipped onto the natural growing hair of the client. This process uses toupee clips adhered to the weft of hair to attach to the natural hair. When clipping extensions onto your hair, you must divide sections of hair in a neat and symmetrical way, and then apply the extensions. This type of product is typically taken off before going to bed. Another way to apply weave to one's hair is to bond it to the natural hair. The bond is created with special types of glue that do not damage the natural hair of the client. Soft glues made from a latex or even silicone based adhesive are more felixble and perhaps more comfortable for the client to wair, but do not last as long as hard bonded extensions. Hard bonding glues have the consistency of super glue, which dries hard and lasts longer, but is not very flexible. Soft bond adhesives will break down after a few weeks, and hard bonding adhesives can last a month or more before needing to be "touched up".

You can create "tracks", which are essentially braids that have hair weave sewn into them. One can completely cover the head with the product, or just wear pieces over specific parts of the head for a particular desired style. The most commonly used weaves are made from a synthetic product referred to as premium hair. It is the least expensive type of hair, so in spite of it sometimes being prone to tangling, it is the most popular. Some premium hair is chemically treated so that it will not tangle. Natural human hair is cut from a person's head and tied into pony tails. The most common place of origin of this product is Asia. The texture of artificial weave can vary widely on both ends of the spectrum. Commonly used hair are yaki which mimics the texture of relaxed African hair, and silky straight wich is very straight like hair commonly found among people of Asian descent. Other attributes to the product are for quality. Virgin hair has not been chemically treated while still resisting tangles. Remy is another high quality hair with the hair aligned in a uniform direction. Single drawn hair costs lest, but the tip of the weft does not quite have the same lush appearance as the top, so some prefer double dran wefts. Double drawn hair gives you a uniform bundle of hair all the way down the shaft, but it does cost more.

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